Ukrainian Catholic University top-rated by DOU platform

On 5 October, DOU, a community of Ukrainian programmers, publicized its analysis of the ratings of the best institutions of higher education in the IT field in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Catholic University, in particular its Applied Sciences Faculty, received first place among all Ukraine’s institutions of higher education. This year’s rating was based on the … Continuation

UCU Days 2020: To be a human being in times of change and challenge

The annual UCU Days of the Ukrainian Catholic University is a celebration that brings together a great variety of people: first-year students, who’ve just entered; students who already have experience in studies; graduates who bring the university’s values into the world; teachers; friends of UCU who support young people through stories and conversations; and also … Continuation

Facebook Becomes Strategic Partner of UCU Applied Sciences Faculty

With a sponsored research agreement, Facebook will involve teachers, students, and graduates of the UCU Applied Sciences Faculty in implementing joint research projects. The partnership agreement is the logical result of gradually deepening cooperation between Facebook Reality Labs and UCU’s academic machine learning laboratory, which now has two years of experience implementing joint projects. And … Continuation

Діалог з т.в.о. міністра: що нас хвилює?

1 липня 2020 року Ректорат УКУ оприлюднив заяву під назвою “Хибне рішення, яке неможливо замовчати”, у якому висловив застереження щодо способу та доцільності призначення ректора Сергія Шкарлета т.в.о. міністра освіти і науки України у зв’язку із закидами освітньої громадськості на його адресу у порушенні академічної доброчесності та відсутності чіткої публічної позиції щодо ключових питань і … Continuation

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