The more resilient will survive: a crisis plan for universities

Source: CEEMAN Today there is much discussion among universities about how the education system will look like after such a crisis. Simply transitioning to full online learning is already a great challenge for educators. The Ukrainian Catholic University has succeeded in reconfiguring, but it has not been easy. After a month of quarantine, we realize … Continuation

Instruction by Distance: Teaching and Learning

We spoke with participants and graduates of the certificate course “E-teaching and mixed instruction,” which for three years now has been offered by the UCU Center of Instructional and Innovative Technologies, about distance learning, in particular for those UCU teachers who throughout the year are increasing their qualifications at the School for Teaching Excellence. Distance … Continuation

University as Social Lift

UCU offers a quality education and strives to enroll capable students, though the price of instruction can deter even the most talented applicants. The university supports entrants who need it, which is the basis of the social-academic reduction and the reason why benefactors are ready to donate for UCU students. Taras Dobko, Sophia Opatska, and … Continuation

Communication and Cooperation: UCU Programs for Foreign Students

Do you want to study in depth the history of Eastern Europe, research the particularities of Eastern Christianity, study a country in a period of sociopolitical transformation, or work on IT projects to solve environmental problems? Want to spend a few unforgettable years on UCU’s modern campus, combining education and an internship, engage in volunteer … Continuation

Vienna Holds First Event in Support of Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)

On 16 February, representatives of academic, religious, cultural, and civic circles and the business world from Ukraine and Austria gathered at a charitable event to support the development of the university.   UCU today has 6 faculties, 11 bachelor’s and 19 master’s programs, and 22 institutes and centers. This is all possible thanks to the … Continuation

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