Діалог з т.в.о. міністра: що нас хвилює?

1 липня 2020 року Ректорат УКУ оприлюднив заяву під назвою “Хибне рішення, яке неможливо замовчати”, у якому висловив застереження щодо способу та доцільності призначення ректора Сергія Шкарлета т.в.о. міністра освіти і науки України у зв’язку із закидами освітньої громадськості на його адресу у порушенні академічної доброчесності та відсутності чіткої публічної позиції щодо ключових питань і … Continuation

 How to function as a Catholic university during the quarantine?

Ukrainian Catholic University in a new reality There are basically two things which most clearly distinguish Catholic universities from their secular peers – their commitment to the integral human development of their students and their appreciation of the community both in terms of celebrating a communal way of life and preparing students for service in … Continuation

The more resilient will survive: a crisis plan for universities

Source: CEEMAN Today there is much discussion among universities about how the education system will look like after such a crisis. Simply transitioning to full online learning is already a great challenge for educators. The Ukrainian Catholic University has succeeded in reconfiguring, but it has not been easy. After a month of quarantine, we realize … Continuation

Instruction by Distance: Teaching and Learning

We spoke with participants and graduates of the certificate course “E-teaching and mixed instruction,” which for three years now has been offered by the UCU Center of Instructional and Innovative Technologies, about distance learning, in particular for those UCU teachers who throughout the year are increasing their qualifications at the School for Teaching Excellence. Distance … Continuation

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Ректор УКУ про вихід університету з карантину