Research at UCU

Scholarly research and the organization of scholarly work at the Ukrainian Catholic University is based on the dialogical connection of research, education, and practical skills, which creates added value for educational services in the academic, professional, and social spheres. In uniting faith and reason, the university’s innovative model is formed on the principles of the freedom of a creative search to come to know Truth and forming the worldview of contemporary undergraduate and graduate students and teachers. The model “teaching through research,” by which teachers inspire and motivate students with their research achievements, is directly oriented to improving the quality of educational services. The research work of teachers and undergraduate and graduate students is mainly focused in the university’s institutes and departments, and also in schools and instructional-research centers and programs. UCU’s scholarly activities are based on principles of Christian morality and academic integrity and are supported by a transparent policy of awarding internal grants, prizes, stipends, and other forms of encouragement.

Among UCU’s research priorities are programs in Ukrainian Catholic theology and the study of contemporary problems and reconciliation and mutual understanding in Ukraine, “Kyivan Christianity,” and “The UGCC under the conditions of Soviet rule: Forced liquidation, life in the underground, the struggle for legalization,1939-1989.”

UCU’s research strategy for 2017-2020 foresees, in the middle-term perspective, the visible presence and visibility of the university at the general national level and, in certain spheres, also in the international global horizon as a leading research center with its own research schools and professors’ institutes. In the short-term perspective, the university plans to open the UGCC Center for Theological Research, the UCU Graduate School, and a Center for Advanced Studies. It also foresees the realization of a number of national and international projects, reform of the UCU Press, transformation of UCU’s Scholarly Notes into a peer-reviewed journal, and, starting no later than 2020, an interdisciplinary English-language annual publication.

The organization and coordination of the university’s research activities is carried out by UCU’s Department for Organizing Research.

Scholarly centers and institutes

Each institute in its activities responds to a certain need of society. The projects of the institutes are at the same time for research and for church institutions, and are a form of Christian mission.